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When we talk about company philosophy we don't just mean an idea but rather a comprehensive and tangible company concept with very clear social, ecological and economical values.

Our guiding principle ”challenging limits” pervades all levels. Whether technical, business, sales or personnel.
All voha-tosec employees know, value and live the qualitative and quantitative goals of our company and its projects.

Flat hierarchies and collective responsibility create flexibility and guarantee quality.
What's more, they speed up the flow of information and the decision making process.

Our goals?

We mobilise our entire competence and energy for the good of our customers: from the first analytical consultation to the finished tool. Complete with sophisticated milling strategies and professional application advice.

Based on this full-service concept we continue to build open and trusting co-operations with our customers and associates and, thus, contribute to the overall economic success.

At the same time, we further extend and advance our advantage in terms of innovation.
To this end, we work closely with suppliers, colleges, and universities and have implemented distinct strategies at management level.


In the high and highest performance field, the wheat soon gets sorted from the chaff.

The quality of our tools is defined - amongst other factors - by the hardness of the materials which they machine – here, values of up to 68 Rockwell (68 HRC) are reached with very high resistance to wear.

Precision challenging the limits.

We know a lot about materials and their properties. The production at voha-tosec is amongst the most precise in the world. Just one of the reasons why, day by day, our tools deliver peak performance in our customers' machinery and process chains.

The smallest tool currently produced by us has a diameter of 0.1mm. A mere 0.05mm away from the smallest physically possible diameter. This micro milling tool can withstand rotation speeds of between 80,000 and 100,000 rpm without breaking - whilst cutting steel, no less.

Those properties can only be achieved by coordinating and developing an inconceivable amount of criteria, simultaneously. An example: whilst cutting the milling head, the temperature of the coolant must not vary by more than 0.5° Celsius (32° F) at any given moment – this, in itself, is a challenge.

When our customers demand peak performance we love to push the boundaries.

Benchmark: HighTech.

Faster product cycles and ever increasing product variety demand reduced processing times and production costs.

Often, there are a number of possible solutions. But, which one results in the highest profit and the best result?
How to approach new challenges? What is the ideal strategy?

When it comes to profitability, all processes involved with a certain product have to be taken into consideration and analysed. Rough edges have to be smoothed and new solutions developed. This applies to materials as well as to logistics and strategy.

We shoulder a large part of this process and of the necessary investments, in advance – during the development and integration of our tools and milling strategies.

We ceaselessly work on new solutions that meet the requirements of a market with constantly increasing demands and possibilities. Every day poses new challenges which motivate us and sometimes force us to "think outside the box".

The technical consultants comprising our field service teams know every applicable strategy and solution. They are at our customers' side, right from the start. Together, we are always that one important step ahead of progress.

To your advantage - in technology, competitiveness and profitability.


The accuracy of a tool is directly proportional to its maximum profitability.

We grind our tools to within 3μ radius accuracy. With runout-tolerances of just 1μ we reach the highest level of precision in effective diameter.

As far as physics are concerned, this is right at the edge of what is achievable. Because even specially developed measuring instruments reach their limit - sooner or later.

Setting the standard. Worldwide.

Our tools are exemplary.
And copied world-wide.

This honours us because ´imitation is the sincerest form of flattery´, as they say.

We see this as validation of the constructive advantages and revolutionary technology our tooling systems offer.  Increasingly, copies of our solutions appear on the global market.

To your advantage.

The bottom line is: production has to be efficient and economical.

To achieve this, it is not enough to be ”good”.  We have driven our development and production into the high-end sector because we know that the all important factor is overall profitability. Based on the optimal synergy between our tools and your production processes.

The precision, durability and efficiency of our tools allows innovative milling strategies and optimises your  production processes.

A return on investment is achieved sooner and your revenue increased, sustainably.

We love being part of our customers' success stories.
So, expect the best!

Calculate your advantages through our leading-edge technology.