Our tools are exemplary.
And copied world-wide.

This honours us because ´imitation is the sincerest form of flattery´.
We see this as validation of the constructive advantages and revolutionary technology our tooling systems offer – with copies of our solutions increasingly appearing on the global market.

Standard solutions? Sure!

The development of individual customised tooling is what we do best. We use these sources to create standard tools which can be utilised almost universally. Our experience tells us that our range of standard products offers a tool for 90% of all tasks.

The result: tried and tested reference grade technology at impressively low cost. Just one way in which our efficiency can maximise our customers' profits.

Für die technische Umsetzung wählen Sie aus einem abgestuften Produkt- und Leistungssortiment aus und erhalten die speziell auf Ihr jeweiliges Projekt abgestimmten Fräswerkzeuge bzw. Werkzeugsysteme.

When time is of the essence ...
… we step on it!

Our customers can count on us - even under exceptional circumstances and in emergencies: when spontaneous changes in concept or material call for different tools, for example. Often, our field service teams carry a suitable alternative in their service vehicle. Alternatively, they can arrange for direct delivery, there and then.

Of course our service hotline also offers direct support with quick solutions – even in emergencies.

This equation is impossible? tflex = Ʃ {P ÷ F ÷ L} x S3
Ours isn't!

„Brevity is the soul of wit” or so they say. In other words: keep it short and simple. We apply this credo to all our decision making processes and response times - flexibility is not a just a buzzword for us.

So, how do we solve problems? Simple: get rid of the ballast!

Pacy planning, prompt production, swift shipment. Even for complicated projects, special challenges and under unforeseen circumstances.